Trust Swiss Cleaners with your Hard Floor Cleaning in Wimbledon

Call Swiss Cleaners for hard floor cleaning in Wimbledon to keep treasured and beautiful flooring in top condition. Alternatively, call us for the restoration of an old neglected wooden floor and rediscover the colour and warmth that makes wood such a desirable flooring material. In fact our experts will work with any type of hard floor and give you great results on them all.

Specialist Services for Hard Floor Maintenance in Wimbledon

Properly cared for your hard floors will give you many years of service. Care for your flooring with specialist cleaning and hard floor maintenance in Wimbledon. Book your cleaning from Swiss cleaners and apart from quality workmanship you also gain:

  • Phone and online contract options, available to you 24/7
  • A free quote for your work
  • Weekend and bank holiday¬†appointments available
  • Your appointment confirmed without being asked for a deposit
  • The facility to book hard floor cleaning for any domestic or commercial flooring
  • You could qualify for a discount against our base rates by arranging regular maintenance or combining this work with something else we offer.

Specialist hard floor cleaning could be a great way to start life in your new home, ask us about combining this work with your move in cleaning. If you’ve chosen hard flooring for your bedroom to cut down on dust and reduce allergic reactions, we also offer mattress cleaning which will make your bedroom an even more hygienic and healthful place.

Multi-skilled Hard Floor Cleaners in Wimbledon

Your hard floor cleaners in Wimbledon have all the tools and knowledge needed to maintain and renovate any type of hard flooring. Different materials require different approaches and of course the initial condition of the floor in question will also influence the best course of treatment. Here’s a brief introduction to the range of work we offer for some common hard floor surfaces:

  • Wooden Floors: Well maintained wood is surface cleaned and buffed. When necessary we’ll strip old polish, deep clean and repolish or even sand and seal to restore your floor to its full beauty.
  • Slate & Stone Floor Cleaning: We use modern technologies such as emulsification and pressurized cleaning followed by a sealing treatment to protect your floor from future spills and staining.
  • Vinyl Floor Cleaning: We deliver professional deep cleaning utilising emulsification and low pressure cleaning, capturing the waste as we go along to get the best result.

Choose Swiss Cleaners and Get the Tools and Resources Required for Hard Floor Cleaning Services in Wimbledon

The use of all materials and equipment needed to deliver your Wimbledon hard floor cleaning services are included in the price you’ll be quoted. You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your work is delivered by qualified, certified, fully insured employees and that they’ll be using well maintained, industrial strength equipment to give you the best possible results in the shortest time.

Book Hard Floor Cleaning in Wimbledon

Call us 24/7 on 020 3404 1351 to get your free quote and book your hard floor cleaning in Wimbledon. Alternatively, use our live chat facility to get an instant reply to any query or booking enquiry without using the phone. Finally, when you’d like us to contact you about the work you have in mind, use our contact form to tell us about your flooring and leave your details so we can get back to you.

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